Joe Shank and Patricia Pairman  
Bruce and Adele Richards  
Shig and Christine Hamamatsu  
Ted Cribari and Pati Coulter  
Sylvia Tang and Jiong Wu  
Glen and Lynn Peterschmidt  
Gary Ruggles and Catherine Polk  
Terri Rose  
Jessica Nugent  
Matt and Karolina Thomson  
Haider and Dalia Salman  
Ron and Bonnie Swenson  
Johnny and Megan McNany  
JB and Jennifer Price  
Bob Simons  
Mark and Sheila Bony  
Roger and Sue Gaston  
Nancy Johnson  
Nancy Westreich  
Mike and Lisa Mathews  
Kenneth and Jeanette Gilbeau  
Brian and Kimberly Battisti  
Bill and Denise Burns  
Devin Guan and Jannie Lai  
Andrew and Diane Jacques  
Sylvain and Adrienne Malroux  
Mary Ann Cook  
Shahab Mehmandoust and Erica Hudson  
Matt and Helen Cheung  
Osama Shana'a' and Rub Abu Farha  
Phillip and Sheila Amaya  
Jenny & Jerry Wu  
Steve and Genny Huhn  
Eric & Kitty Muller  
Julie Anderson    
Charlie Born    
Bill Cobb    
Former President ebay Marketplaces North America    
Michael & Sheila Craven    
KC Craven-Sarr    
Michael DeCecco    
Sales Manager, Everbank

Kevin Dincher    
Christine Gomez    

Bob Halliday

Sr. VP, CFO, Applied Materials    

Joannie and Richard Hinman

Ed Hofer    
VP, Colliers International

RM Holloway    
Paul Hulme    
Owner, APR    
Debbie Kabel    
Owner, Case Design/Remodeling    
Kurt Klein    
CEO, CMT    
Dr. Amit Kumar and Dr. Ruma Kumar, MD    
Van McFadden    
Sharon McMahon    
Sr. Officer and Manager, Orange Coast Title

Veronica Paladin    
Cliff & Betsy Petersen    
Dru Rivers    
Scott & Kim Schenkel    
SVP, CEO ebay Marketplaces    
Randy and Jennifer Simmons    
Mark and Megan Smith    
Frank Travostino    
Distinguished Architect, ebay Inc.    
Steve Valenzuela    
VP of Finance and Operations, Citrix    
 Lester Strickler    
 Julian and Bettina Hawkins    
Ted Pennington  
Michael Franks and Michelle Churchill  




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