Meet Amy’s Team


The McCafferty team is committed to providing you with exceptional service for all your home selling and home buying needs.
I provide you with expert knowledge, great attention to detail, and that extra effort to make the process as stress free as possible! I take great pride in the relationships I build and always work relentlessly on the client’s behalf to help them achieve their real estate goals. Stivaletti
Staging Consultant

Lea is dedicated to enhancing the overall look of Amy’s listings.  Presentation of a property to the market is so important and it is Amy’s goal to make sure her listings stand out.  Amy visits the property with Lea and reviews her vision for each room as well as the front and rear yards.  Lea takes meticulous notes, detailing each room and Amy’s ideas for the presentation of the space.  Whether deciding to use some of the existing furniture or removing all and staging an entire new look, the goal for Amy and Lea is to enhance the space to attract the most qualified buyers.  Following the visit, Lea generates her inventory “wish” list of furniture and décor.  A detail of items needed for the property is generated.  Then the fun starts, shopping Amy storage units of accessories to find the perfect enhancements for the property.  Whether it is selecting furniture or adding accessories and accents to existing décor, Lea’s focus is to present Amy’s listing in the best possible light with fresh and inspired design.  Through continuing education, Amy and Lea strive to create a look that attracts a large pool of well qualified buyers to Amy’s listing.

Emily Barker
Marketing Assistant

Emily’s main focus is to make sure Amy’s office runs smoothly. She orchestrates and facilitates the preparation process of getting Amy’s listing ready for sale, and she coordinates the marketing throughout the active listing status. Once Amy signs a listing, Emily and Amy walk the property to make a list of what should to be done for the biggest return on investment. Following the walk-through, Emily works as a project manager.  She prepares the property preparation list, coordinating all property inspections, repairs, staging and photography. Amy has strong relationships with seasoned and trusted vendors.  They understand that preparing the property for sale is time sensitive and keep to a tight budget.  Emily schedules and meets all the vendors to obtain bids and outlined the desired tasks. In addition to preparing a property, Emily is responsible for all of our marketing medians, online prints and advertising. Emily ensures that each one of Amy’s listings attains the highest level of visibility possible.  By overseeing the professional advertising copy and layout of the brochures, we insure that all desirable characteristics of the property are highlighted. Once a property is active on the Multiple Listing Service, Emily continues to monitor the online presence, print advertising and any necessary schedules.  Emily works closely with Amy to make sure her clients are receiving the analytics of the different website searches.

Jennifer White
Licensed Agent, Transaction Coordinator

Jennifer oversees all of Amy’s escrows. At the onset of a listing, Jennifer prepares the paperwork for the listing contract.  Once the listing is signed, Jennifer will open escrow with Amy’s title company and begin to assemble the entire disclosure package which will include all the contractual and advisory disclosures.  Each document is tagged for an initial or signature so when Amy reviews and completes the disclosures with her clients, they have a fully prepared package.  Once the disclosures are completed and returned, Jennifer will do her first audit on the file, organizing the disclosure package for Amy to forward to prospective buyers or agents.  Jennifer will monitor agent downloads of the disclosure packages on Amy’s listings.  Once there is a ratified purchase contract, Jennifer conducts her second audit, making sure all the contractual documents are signed and all the disclosures have been acknowledged.  Under Amy’s direction, Jennifer drafts an escrow calendar outlining the important dates of the transaction. Following each step of the transaction and close attention to detail, Amy clients can rest assured every step of the way is closely monitored for the ultimate goal of closing escrow.